Materials provided by AAIM 2009 Presenters (In order of submission)

1. Cathy Toney's "Let the Lights Shine" session
2. Mike Ray's Arkansas Teacher Retirement session
3. Rachel Shankles (Flip Video Cameras and Programming Ideas)-
4. World Book Web -
5. Britannica Digital Learning Resources:
Introduction to Britannica Online School Edition (all levels) (PowerPoint)
Focus on Britannica Elementary (Elementary School) (PowerPoint)
Focus on Britannica Learning Zone (PreK-2nd) (PowerPoint)
Focus on Compton's by Britannica (Middle School/Junior High) (PowerPoint)EBSCO
Focus on Encyclopædia Britannica (High School) (PowerPoint)
Britannica's Support of Curriculum Standards (all levels) (PowerPoint)
6. Sally Hawkes, from the Arkansas State Library, and the Traveler Project
7. Free Software, Open Source Software, Gordon Sutherlin
8. Walk This Way: Make Your Library Media Program One to Rock & Roll (Southard and Weir)
9. Travis Dintelman's EBSCO presentation - Coming soon!
10. Susan Gilley's presentations (Alphabet Soup and Podcasting 101) are HERE!
11. Dr. Rickman and Dr. Huffman's presentations (TeacherTube and Gender Identity)
12. Rachel Shankles and Stony Evans (SOS for New LMS)
13. Shirley Fetherolf 's ADE presentation
14. Dr. Patricia Norton's The Librarian and the Struggling First Grade Reader Presentation
15. Stephanie Labert's Discover Your Second Life Session
16. Brenda Sharpmack's Scrapbooking Project Handout
17. Connie Zimmer's presentations , ,
18. Karen Johnson's presentation (Tips to Shine up Your Lesson Plans)
19. Jana Dixon and Jil'Lana Heard's handout (Books that Shine)
20. Jana and Jil'Lana's New Members Session handout
21. Cassandra Barnett's handouts (21st Century Learning Standards in Action)
22. Cassandra Barnett's handouts (Library Media Frameworks: How Do I Prove I’m Teaching Them?)
23. Lake Hamilton Media Specialists (Make Your Library Shine)
24. Sara Thompson and Dr. Kay Bland (Light the Way With "My Favorites") Coming SOON!
25. Dr. Kay Bland and Sara Thompson (Rekindle the EOA Flame) Coming SOON!