Below is a list of the breakout sessions, and the presenter(s) in ABC order by title. More will be posted as they become available.

12 New Books Your Readers Will Love! – Leslie Bermel
21st Century Learning – Standards in Action - Cassandra Barnett
Alexandria – It’s Time to Turn a New Page - Chris Walker
An American Holocaust Rescuer: Varian Fry – Carla Killough McClafferty
Arkansas Teacher Retirement System – Taking Care of Your Future - Michael Ray
Clickers, What Are They and Do They Work? - Gordon R. Sutherlin
The Council of University of Arkansas Research Libraries, CUARL, and Outreach to K-12 Education - Elizabeth McKee and Dr. Jan Dickinson
Discover Your Second Life - Stephanie Labert
EBSCO Databases & Beyond – Travis Dintelman
EScrapbooking 101 - Brenda Sharpmack
Exploring the World Book Web – Floyd Hicks
Flip Video Cameras for Personal and School Use – Rachel Shankles
Football Plot Line Game - Katherine L. Powell
FREE AETN Resources and Professional Development for Teachers - Johnathan Binyon and Daoming Chen
Free Software, Open Source Software - Gordon R. Sutherlin
Gender Identity Books and Accelerated Reader: A Survey - Dr. Wendy Rickman
Harrisburg Middle School - Virtual Reality Literacy Project – Trent Saracini and Kyle Mitchell
I Don’t Want to Kiss a Llama, But I Do Want to Read! - Byron von Rosenberg
Inexpensive Library Automation Program Research – Connie Zimmer
ISM Films – From Hollywood to Your Classroom – Timothy Gill
Impact Workshop - Joanne Burgess
Integrate Technology with Britannica Online School Edition! - Robbye Durham
The Librarian and the First-Grade Struggling Reader – Dr. Patricia J. Norton
Library Media Center Programming Ideas - Rachel Shankles
Library Media Frameworks: How do I Prove I’m Teaching Them? - Cassandra Barnett
Light the Way with “MY FAVORITES” in the Butler Center Digital Collections - Dr. Kay Bland
Literacy Efforts Through the Arkansas State Book Awards – Connie Zimmer
Make Your Budget Go Further, Through Strategic Resource Management - Ann Sauer and Tami Solum
Make Your Library Shine! - Ramona Abernathy, Lori Bush, Ellen Clements, Jana Dutton and Jil'Lana Heard
Make the Lights “SHINE” on Your Media Center” - Cathy Toney
Meet Author Judy Young: The Writing/Publication Process of Picture Books - Judy Young
Meet Oklahoma Author, Darleen Bailey Beard – Darleen Bailey Beard
A Mini -Workshop: Writing Poetry in the Classroom and Library Media Center, K-4 - Judy Young
A Mini -Workshop: Writing Poetry in the Classroom and Library Media Center, 5-8 - Judy Young
The Next Traveler Subscription and Getting the Word Out – Sally Hawkes
New AAIM Members Session – Jil’Lana Heard and Jana Dixon
Opening K-12 Classrooms to the World 24/7 – Barbara Heil
Reading and Writing at a Snail’s Pace – Tammy and Matthew Bronson
Ready, Set, Write! A Fun Hands-on Writing Workshop YOU Can Teach! – Darleen Bailey Beard
Rekindle the EOA Flame With Additional Access Points! - Dr. Kay Bland and Sara Thompson
Research Findings on Current Educational and Library Media Issues – Connie Zimmer
Resource Description and Access: The Challenge to Traditional AACR2 Cataloging in the School Library Media Center - Jud Copeland
Saving Cherished Stories: If You Don’t Write the Story, Who Will? - Marilyn Collins
Social Networking: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Don Benton and Chris Mahoney
SOS For The New LMS – Rachel Shankles and Stony Evans
Student Response Systems-vs- Clickers: Experience the Difference! - Dani Scott
TeacherTube: An Introduction - Dr. Stephanie Huffman & Dr. Wendy Rickman
Tips to "Shine" Up Your Lesson Plans! - Ann Ayres, Karen Johnson and Debra Warren
TITLEWAVE Internet: Using Follett's Internet Site to Identify Supplemental Materials - Valerie Brasseale
Turning Picture Books Into Visual Presentations With PowerPoint - Heather Danner
Using Graphic Novels In Grades 4-12: They are more than “funny books!” – Debra Simpson
Using Intergenerational Research in Supervision - Dr. Kerry Roberts and Dr. Sid Womack
Visual Literacy: “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" - Dr. Shannon Trimble
Vitamins, Urgent Care and Advocacy: Using AASL’s Health and Wellness Toolkit and Advocacy Crisis Toolkit - Deb Logan
What a Novel Idea! – Shelly Stone
What You Always Wanted to Know About AAIM But Were Afraid to Ask!
The Wild and Wacky and Sometimes Serious World of a Children’s Book Author – Gwendolyn Hooks
Walk this Way: Make your Library Media Program one to Rock and Roll About!!! – Jill Weir and Shannon Southard
What You Always Wanted To Know About AAIM But Were Afraid To Ask. - Barbie James and Karen Richardson
Writing TEACHER TO TEACHER, How I Improved As a teacher - Mike Walker
Young Adult Books that Shine! - A Two Hour Session – Jil’Lana Heard and Jana Dixon